The rise of 5G, the wide adoption of microservices, and the increasing demand for elevated user experiences are driving serverless and edge adoption.



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The micro frontend approach is one of the hottest trends in enterprise application development today.

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Lack of accountability leads to lacklustre approach towards cybersecurity.

The Economic Times (ET CIO)

Encryption best practices for better cloud security

The Economic Times (ET CIO)

Why cloud-based application development is gaining momentum

The Economic Times (ET CIO)

Building cloud-native applications for enterprise digital services will also transform the business landscape.


Wissen Technology, a specialized technology company that delivers high-end consulting for organizations, is proud to join the Partner Program of Genesis Global.

Tech managers are the best mentors for technologists

The Economic Times (ET CIO)

Almost 100 million victims in Q3 were, in one way or the other, affected by cloud security misconfiguration, unpatched software flaws, and misconfigured firewall.


Cloud-native applications are agile, resilient, and scalable applications and help enterprises meet increasing customer demands and market expectations.


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In microservices, building applications using the backend for the frontend is a great way to streamline how data is returned to the frontend.


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