Wissen will reset your retail business and provide agility and profitable growth in this ever-changing and challenging e-commerce world.

The future of retail lies in a more digital, integrated, personalized, and sustainable experience. At Wissen, we prepare retailers for the scale of the digital shift by providing a fully integrated online model that will completely reset the store's operating model. We equip retailers with the store of tomorrow by aligning with customers' needs, reducing costs, and driving profit.

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The future retail experience includes:

We prepare retailers for the digital age at a faster pace and scale. Our retail operating model for the stores of tomorrow is a bold new way of reimagining E-commerce operations across all retail channels. Wissen’s technologists can build a retail store portfolio tailored to the needs of customers.

Our retail operating model is designed to be fast, simple, flexible, and adaptable in every respect, with automated efficiency but still providing a human-centric shipping experience.


  • Integrated customer-centric approach - We make the retail operating model customer-centric by deploying an integrated model that speeds up the CX across all retail channels. This includes flexibility, personalization, sustainability, and a cohesive experience across the e-commerce platform.
  • Real-time data - Our software provides automated decision-making in real-time, for personalized product recommendations as and when customers shop. Placing the customers at the heart of retail business by using data and AI to generate insights and fuel decisions

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Wissen Technology, a US-based specialized technology solutioning and consultancy company, announced the opening of its state-of-the-art office in Bangalore.


The rise of 5G, the wide adoption of microservices, and the increasing demand for elevated user experiences are driving serverless and edge adoption.


Leveraging on-demand scalable cloud models for cost-effectiveness organizations are expediting their digital business transformation initiatives.