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E-commerce | service platform | data migration


Hassle free E-Commerce system

Wissen has developed its own service platform for data migration. The platform can support more than 20 open-source e-commerce software services. We can simplify data migration from one e-commerce platform to another platform and deliver any data for an e-commerce migration project within a quick turnaround time.

Our platform supports hassle-free data migration from one eCommerce system to another & offers dedicated migration services and support depending on the client’s need.

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Orders 
E-commerce | service platform | data migration

Customization for distinctive requirements

Trust us to understand the distinctive requirements of your industry and audience. In-depth researching and careful strategizing are what you can expect for every aspect of the perfect retail architecture for your Ecommerce website.

E-commerce | service platform | data migration

Development platforms

We can help develop websites on all popular platforms such as Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce & Shopify, to name a few. We can integrate the same with our e-commerce data platform and hosting services and create the most fantastic user experiences, leaving your competition far behind.

E-commerce | service platform | data migration

Secure payment getaway

We develop e-commerce service websites that easily integrate with all popular payment getaways and mobile wallets that are both trustworthy and convenient. We can also integrate third-party solutions for secure transactions, without affecting your e-commerce website design.

E-commerce | service platform | data migration

Responsive site for shopping

With users’ devices ranging from mobiles to laptops to tablets, you need a site that matches screen size and resolution limitations. We understand these frameworks better than anybody else and will help develop and service e-commerce websites compatible and responsive to all different devices.

E-commerce | service platform | data migration

Scalable solutions

As the number of online shopping grows so will the need for your website to meet the expectations. Future expansion is what we foresee and plan for. Our scalable web development solutions ensure there are no obstacles in your users’ experiences even when the number of visitors keeps soaring.

E-commerce | service platform | data migration

Shopping cart effectiveness

You can depend on us to deliver the perfect shopping cart solutions catering to your business needs. Your industry product cycle will act as a guide and motivate us to create the shortest click-to-buy journeys possible.

Business Standard

Wissen Technology, a US-based specialized technology solutioning and consultancy company, announced the opening of its state-of-the-art office in Bangalore.


The rise of 5G, the wide adoption of microservices, and the increasing demand for elevated user experiences are driving serverless and edge adoption.


Leveraging on-demand scalable cloud models for cost-effectiveness organizations are expediting their digital business transformation initiatives.