Wissen's competence in digital technologies and IT serves manufacturing companies in developing new business models that improve customer engagement, efficiency, and productivity.

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Discrete manufacturing

Our service encompasses all aspects of the entire manufacturing value chain, which includes:

  • Product Development
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • After Sales

Process manufacturing

We empower process manufacturing companies in their pursuit of profitable growth through technology solutions. We have a strong record of transforming the technology landscape and delivering business value through domain-aligned consulting and technology offerings for process manufacturing customers.

Our service offerings in the process manufacturing space are:

manufacturing | Discrete manufacturing | Process manufacturing | ‍ Supply Chain Management
Enterprise Solutions:

Wissen is a one-stop solution shop for the ERP package and offers a spectrum of process manufacturing industry-native solutions. Our solutions enable process industries to realize green money through productivity improvements, operating cost reductions, profitability and revenue growth, and customer satisfaction. We have mature practices in leading and mid-market ERP, SCM and CRM products, and our services cover the entire spectrum:

  • Consulting and blueprinting
  • Business / IT Transformation and Benefit Optimization
  • Application Management Services
  • Platform-based services
  • Technical and Security Services
manufacturing | Discrete manufacturing | Process manufacturing | ‍ Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management:

We work with our process manufacturing customers to maximize the strategic value of their supply chain through advisory and technology services. Our offerings include:

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Supply Chain Process Excellence
  • SC Performance Turnaround
  • Diagnostics & Optimization
  • SC Technology Advisory
  • Sustainability
  • Spend Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Supply chain analytics
manufacturing | Discrete manufacturing | Process manufacturing | ‍ Supply Chain Management
Manufacturing Operations Management:

Our Integrated Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) offerings help process manufacturing companies connect disparate manufacturing operations with the supply chain and drive operational efficiencies. Our offerings in MOM include:

  • Operations Scheduling
  • Plant Automation and Controls
  • Process Engineering
  • Production Management and Execution
  • Data Collection & Acquisition
  • Manufacturing Visibility
  • Performance Analysis
  • Metrics & Reports
  • Laboratory Management, CAPA, and CDS
  • Manufacturing and Engineering Analytics

Business Standard

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