ERP | SAP | ERP implementation services

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)

End-to-End SAP(Systems, Applications & Products)services

Wissen provides end to end SAP(Systems, Applications & Products) consulting, implementation, roll out and post implementation support   services with a clear strategy to help our customers in digital adoption and integrate seamlessly with  digital and cloud ecosystem .  Besides our capability in SAP(Systems, Applications & Products) core process  and  technical development, Wissen provides expertise  service  in the  security / GRC and Data  management.

ERP | SAP | ERP implementation services

SAP(Systems, Applications & Products) implementation services

Wissen SAP implementation services cut across from advising the clients to design and transform to intelligent enterprises adopting the SAP digital solutions and helping the end user adopt the new way of working and connect seamlessly with the digital ecosystem.

ERP | SAP | ERP implementation services

SAP(Systems, Applications & Products) roll out services

With our experience working with global customers, Wissen's global template roll-out capability brings us a unique way of rolling out the global solution to different enterprise units and geographies without impacting the integrity of the global solution but providing complete

ERP | SAP | ERP implementation services

SAP(Systems, Applications & Products) application support services

Our support services comprise zero impact transition from implementation or incumbent partner and a transformation-driven approach to improve the process and reduce incidents to bring down the total cost of support. Our certified global delivery centers in India and the constant focus on automation and simplification help customers improve productivity and user experience.

ERP | SAP | ERP implementation services

SAP(Systems, Applications & Products) HANA migration services

Wissen HANA(High-performance ANalytic Appliance) migration service includes assessment, technical migration, and code optimization. Our functional consulting and advisory services help customers adapt to the simplified process.

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Wissen Technology, a US-based specialized technology solutioning and consultancy company, announced the opening of its state-of-the-art office in Bangalore.


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