Why it is so hard to crack the Wissen interview




Wissen Team


May 28, 2024

In a world where millions of companies are offering similar services across application development, infrastructure management, big data and analytics, cloud, mobility, and more, being able to stand out requires more than just a strong client portfolio.

Companies need a team of motivated, disciplined, and talented group of engineers with the commitment to fuel growth using cutting-edge technology for every client – no matter how big they are, where they are located, or what their need is.

Why we are different

We help companies with projects that have a direct business impact. With a specialized technology practice for high-end consulting that is primarily geared towards Banking & Finance, Telecom, and Healthcare, we make sure that the services and solutions we offer are built through deep domain knowledge and core technical expertise and impact our client's bottom lines in the best way possible.

The only way we are able to achieve our goals while simultaneously meeting the growing expectations of our clients is through our pool of competent, proficient, skilled, and highly experienced developers.

What we look for in candidates

We know how important it is to have a strong pool of qualified and efficient resources – so we can drive value faster and more efficiently – for every client engagement. That’s exactly why we constantly look for candidates who

  • Are committed to solving problems to completion, not just writing code and forgetting about it.
  • Are ready to take on technical challenges thrown their way.
  • Can work as a collaborative, cohesive team; where every member complement’s every other member’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Are highly focused and ready to walk that extra mile to make a difference.

Why our interviews are hard to crack 

Since we are often solving business critical problems for clients, we have to make sure our engineers really know and understand problem-solving with technology. A typical candidate undergoes 2 to 4 interviews with us.

  • The initial interviews tend to focus on the technical breadth and understanding of the core skillset. Knowing textbook definitions is not enough. Using core skills correctly and understanding the common pitfalls and traps of how the technology gets used is critical.
  • Subsequent interviews tend to focus more on the ability to understand a complex problem, break it down and apply core problem solving and technical skills to come up with solutions. It helps to know many solutions to a problem and the tradeoffs involved in those solutions.
  • Being able to communicate your ideas precisely and explain the series of steps and rationale behind your solutions is key. Many questions during the interview are open-ended and we want to ensure candidates are able to make progress.
  • It helps to have experience with multiple tech stacks so that you can steer projects from inception until completion.


With a work culture that raises the bar each day, Wissen constantly works towards hiring the brightest minds who can consistently perform well – and meet not just their personal goals but also those of the company and the clients. Do you have what it takes to track the Wissen interview? Apply today!