Conduct fair and unbiased interviews throughout the organisation

Interview ninja | hr software | interview evaluation platform

Interviewing candidates consumes valuable time and resources. To ensure the selection of the right candidate, it is crucial to implement an accurate and structured process.

Traditional interviews, influenced by subjective judgments and varying experiences of interviewers, often result in hiring biases and mismatches. Structured interviews, on the other hand, rely on objective criteria and standardized questions developed by expert interviewers. This approach eliminates bias and enables fair evaluation of candidates' responses.

InterviewNinja provides a user-friendly platform where organizations can adopt expert-designed interview templates, ensuring consistency and fairness throughout the hiring process.

Interview ninja | hr software | interview evaluation platform

Salient Features

  • Hassle free evaluation.
  • Pre-defined question set.
  • Ask custom questions and provide rating.
  • Enter optional feedback.
  • Generate standardised evaluation report.
  • Typing free experience.
Interview ninja | hr software | interview evaluation platform

Benefits Of Using InterviewNinja

  • Standardized evaluation reports for candidates help expedite decision-making.
  • Candidate performance from multiple rounds can be reviewed, shared, and tracked across the platform.
  • Ensures maintenance of the same quality level across every interview for the same skill.
  • Leverages the experience of experts by generating a common question set.
  • Employees across the organization can interview candidates without compromising quality or fear of bias.

Interview Process

Interview ninja | hr software | interview evaluation platform

Administration and Report

  • Define evaluation: Areas specific to your business domain
  • Manage question bank: Create or upload questions
  • Role-based access: Defined user access
  • Detailed evaluation report: Comprehensive feedback collection system

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