Transforming Property Management: Building Seamless Tenant-Owner Apps


Case Study



May 26, 2024


Our client, a UK startup, envisioned revolutionizing property management by creating an app to connect property owners with tenants. This platform aimed to facilitate rental agreements, rent payments, and apartment servicing through intuitive in-app interactions, enhancing the overall rental experience.

Analyzing the Problem  

The challenges encountered in this endeavor included:

  • The need to swiftly develop and deploy the platform to meet market demand and gain a competitive edge.
  • Building an easy-to-navigate mobile app compatible with Android and iOS platforms, requiring support and testing across various mobile OS versions.
  • Problem integrating payment functionality into the app to facilitate tenant applications and rent payments.

Initial Challenges

Accelerated Time to Market: Developing and deploying the platform within a tight timeframe to capitalize on market opportunities and establish a strong presence.

Mobile App Compatibility: Creating a user-friendly mobile app compatible with Android and iOS platforms, ensuring seamless functionality across different mobile OS versions.

Integrating Payments: Integrating payment functionality into the platform to facilitate secure and convenient rent payments for tenants.

Our Solution

Agile Development Approach: Adopted an agile development methodology to expedite the development and deployment process, enabling rapid iteration and response to changing requirements.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development: The team Utilized cross-platform development frameworks to build a single codebase compatible with Android and iOS platforms, streamlining app development and maintenance.

Payments Integration: Integrated with MangoPay payments provider to enable secure and seamless rent payments within the app, enhancing convenience for tenants.

Comprehensive Feature Set: Developed modules for scheduling, community engagement, and administrative tasks, providing a holistic solution for property management needs.

Key Results Achieved

Payments Integration: Successfully integrated with MangoPay payments provider, enabling tenants to make rent payments conveniently within the app.

Cross-Platform Deployment: Automated deployment to Apple Store and Google Play Store, ensuring seamless app availability across different platforms.

Robust Testing: Achieved over 80% unit test coverage, ensuring the reliability and stability of the platform across various scenarios.

Feature-Rich Solution: Developed modules for scheduling, community engagement, and administration, empowering property owners and tenants with comprehensive functionality.


The seamless tenant-owner app transforms property management practices. By addressing complex challenges and leveraging innovative solutions, we have empowered property owners and tenants with a user-friendly platform that streamlines rental agreements, payments, and apartment servicing.