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Manual infrastructure provisioning uses several IT engineers with different skills to set up hardware, VMs, Networks, and Application services. The effort must be repeated for each environment such as Development, QA, and Staging. IT teams manage this process with runbooks, which often get outdated.

Wissen Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Accelerator

Wissen IaC automates the provisioning of infrastructure and services with code that is integrated into your CI/CD pipeline. It eliminates costly and error-prone manual provisioning. IaC can be managed like a software development process, with version history and traceability.
We can jump-start your IaC journey with the Wissen IaC Accelerator. Our Accelerator incorporates Industry best practices. Our templates enable us to create IaC Solutions for typical use cases like data engineering, cloud-native application, or SaaS products in a matter of days. Our IaC architects can create and maintain your IaC Solution. We also support your multi-cloud journey. 

We can perform a two week workshop to turbo charge your IaC journey. During our workshop, we will:

  • Understand your current application architecture and use case.
  • Showcase best-in-class practices for infrastructure provisioning powered by our accelerator.
  • Suggest a proposal and roadmap for automating your infrastructure provisioning.
  • Evaluate and advise on application modernization by deploying Containerized Microservices workloads to Azure Kubernetes Service & Azure App Service, Azure Container Instances (ACI) as backend services, and receiving requests via Azure App Gateway & API Gateway.
  • Recommending Best Practices & Security, Compliance & Governance policies by leveraging Azure Key Vaults, Azure Defender for Cloud, etc.

Accelerate, Optimizeand De-risk your Cloud Ops with our IaC Accelerator, which lets you create and destroy infrastructure within minutes with control, consistency and lower cost.

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