Transform unstructured documents into Highly precise data

intellisearch | unstructured data | structured data | intelligent search

Traditional search systems based on simple keyword searches fail to identify the meaning inherent in the query and hence yield low-precision results. Wissen’s Intelligent Search can discover documents specific to a topic and pinpoint the most relevant paragraphs for a given query. With its advanced NLP pipeline and statistical analysis, it helps to understand grammatical and ungrammatical questions, and it also understands period queries.

What is intellisearch?

Why Intelligent Search?

Robust and extensive pre-processing of text to produce a deeply enriched version of the input. Unstructured content such as free-form text, HTML documents, images, and tables are converted into intermediate form and stored as triples.

Leverages hierarchical property of document text to boost relevance score.

Highly scalable.

Documents, queries, and paragraph relevance scoring using Lexical, linguistic, and semantic analysis. (between query and paragraph).

Modular NLP pipelines.

Linking unstructured data, with internal and external structured data to drive analysis.

How it Works?

intellisearch | unstructured data | structured data | intelligent search
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