Empowering Supply Chain Visibility: A Trading and Risk Management Solution


Case Study



May 24, 2024


Our client, a prominent Middle Eastern, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT) region-based Food and Retail Company, recognized the need to enhance their supply chain visibility and risk management capabilities. In response to market volatility and increasing competition, they sought to transition to a more robust approach that would provide complete visibility into their operations and mitigate the impact of costly disruptions.

Analyzing the Problem

  • Managing a complex supply chain with multiple stakeholders and processes
  • Addressing market volatility, decreasing margins, and competition
  • Manual processes and lack of real-time insights into trading and risk management

Initial Challenges

  • Inability to gain a holistic view of supply chain operations and risks
  • Reliance on spreadsheets and manual reporting for trading and risk management
  • Difficulty in responding to changing market dynamics and minimizing disruptions


Wissen devised a comprehensive trading and risk management solution to address the client's challenges:

  • Implemented a trading and risk management solution driven by a robust cloud platform to digitalize sales trading processes
  • Automated core processes and reports in derivatives operations to streamline operations and improve efficiency
  • Leveraged real-time data and alerts to reduce risk and enable timely decision-making by the leadership team
  • Enabled automated premium pricing analysis and improved derivative management to maximize profits

Key Results Achieved

  • Gained a holistic and real-time understanding of supply chain risks and operations, replacing manual spreadsheet-based processes
  • Enabled the client to view their net exposure across physical and derivative trades in real-time
  • Empowered the client to proactively identify and mitigate risks, leading to better profitability and operational efficiency


Implementing the trading and risk management solution marked a significant milestone in the client's journey toward enhancing supply chain visibility and risk management capabilities. By leveraging real-time data, automation, and cloud technology, the client has achieved greater agility, profitability, and competitiveness in the market. This initiative underscores the client's commitment to innovation and excellence in the MENAT region's Food and Retail sector.