Modernizing Fund Services Client Data Through Seamless Migration


Case Study


Wissen Team


May 24, 2024


A prominent global financial services firm entrusted Wissen with the task of migrating its Fund Services client data and reporting from a legacy accounting platform, built on Sybase 12.5 clusters, to a modernized accounting platform, constructed on distributed DB2. The project aimed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure seamless data transition while addressing various challenges associated with the legacy system.

Analyzing the Problem

  • Legacy accounting platform on Sybase 12.5 clusters
  • Lack of documentation and discrepancies in data models
  • Historic ad-hoc data updates outside the processing engine
  • Reporting environment utilizing crystal reports and legacy infrastructure
  • The data size of 6 TB

Initial Challenges

  • Lack of documentation and discrepancies in data models
  • Absence of UAT data and ad-hoc data updates
  • Legacy reporting infrastructure and data processing engine
  • Data size and reconciliation requirements

Our Solution

Wissen's technical and domain experts devised a systematic approach to execute the migration project:

  • Thorough analysis of legacy platform and identifying challenges
  • In-depth comparison of old and new data models and processing engine
  • Creation of data migration scripts and environments (staging, parallel, pre-prod)
  • Implementation of reconciliations and data consistency checks

Key Results Achieved

  • Successful migration of accounting and transaction data for fund services clients
  • Seamless transition to a modernized accounting platform
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and data consistency


Wissen's meticulous approach and technical expertise enabled the seamless migration of Fund Services client data and reporting to a modernized accounting platform. By addressing challenges such as discrepancies in data models, lack of documentation, and legacy reporting infrastructure, we ensured a smooth transition while enhancing operational efficiency and data consistency. This successful migration underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive tangible business outcomes in the financial services sector.