Case Study : DevOps & infrastructure automation on public cloud (Azure)


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Wissen Team


August 16, 2023

Azure - DevOps & Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)Digital Transformation Accelerator

Wissen Technology.

With DevOps & IaC automation, Wissen helps customersto accelerate & fast-track DevOps and Infrastructure Automation withonce-click deployment to Azure Cloud.

CHALLENGES that businesses are facing today in provisioning,scaling, and managing the huge legacy infrastructure like creating virtualservers, installing software packages, creating users, starting code processes,etc. With these legacy systems, administrators need to perform provisioning andmanage all the interlocking systems and processes manually, which requirestime, resources, and specific skills to provision, scale, and manage theinfrastructure. As a result, IT teams often end up performing time-consuming,manual processes and managing through extensive and complex manual work, whichwould invariably drain resources and sometimes cause setbacks to occur but nowthere are solutions for many of these challenges.


In the digital transformation era, IaC offers better ROI over traditional methods, so organizations can maximize the advantage from utility-based constructs by employing cloud computing solutions. They can also realize cost savings by utilizing automation strategies that prevent technical experts from performing error-prone, manual tasks and spending more time developing innovative and mission-critical applications, this computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the internet using IaC, allows customers to quickly scale resources as needed, and only pay for what they use. IAC solves the issue of complex infrastructure environments & IaC adoption has a multitude of benefits Increased transparency and accountability, Repeatable configuration consistency, Faster deployments, more efficient development, Essential in multi-cloud, and Cost optimization.

Wissen Technology helps customers with one-click deployment for entire infrastructure provisioning by automation which enables users to create the automation once and manage multiple configurations introduced by the various environments in Azure by leveraging Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines using Hashicorp Terraform and continuously enforcing Governance, Compliance &Security policies in alignment with regulations and standards to secure applications on Azure.

IaC source code files are configuration controlled and can be versioned, enabling traceability, rollbacks, branching & Merging strategies. IaC enables DevOps teams to test applications in production-like environments early in the development life cycle. These teams expect to provide multiple environments reliably and on demand. Infrastructure represented as code can also be validated and tested to prevent common deployment issues. At the same time, the cloud dynamically provisions and tears down environments based on IaC definitions.


Azure - DevOps & Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) Digital Transformation Accelerator, including.

One Click deployment for infrastructure provisioning for any environment.

Deploy infrastructure as code into Azure, On-Prem, or other cloud platforms & Integrate with the many provider APIs available.

Automated CI/CD pipelines for the infrastructure as code using Azure DevOps Pipelines.

The offering will include a template for addingTF Compliance & Security using Checkov

Automation of every infrastructure includingsetting up IaaS & PaaS service offerings.

Scalability, Disaster recovery built-in withinthe provisioning.

Ability to easily add infrastructure with a verymodular structure of the Terraform code.

The offering also contains YAML-based deploymenttemplates that can be triggered via Azure DevOps.