Accelerating Digital Transformation with Azure DevOps & Infrastructure as Code


Case Study


Wissen Team


May 24, 2024


In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses face significant challenges in provisioning, scaling, and managing legacy infrastructure. Wissen Technology understands these challenges and empowers its customers to embrace digital transformation through Azure DevOps and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions. By leveraging automation, Wissen accelerates and streamlines the deployment process, enabling organizations to thrive in the cloud era.

Analyzing the Problem

Legacy infrastructure poses considerable hurdles for businesses, requiring manual intervention from IT teams for tasks like provisioning virtual servers, software installations, and user management. These manual processes are time-consuming, resource-intensive, and prone to errors. As a result, organizations struggle to adapt to dynamic market demands and innovate effectively.

Initial Challenges

Before partnering with Wissen Technology, businesses grappled with inefficient infrastructure management, hindering their ability to scale and respond swiftly to market changes. Manual provisioning processes consume valuable time and resources, impeding agility and innovation. Moreover, ensuring compliance and security across diverse environments posed additional challenges, exposing businesses to potential risks.

Our Solution

Wissen Technology introduced a comprehensive solution centered around Azure DevOps and Infrastructure as Code. By embracing IaC, organizations could automate infrastructure provisioning, configuration, and management, significantly reducing manual overhead and accelerating deployment cycles. Leveraging Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines with HashiCorp Terraform, Wissen enabled one-click deployment to Azure Cloud, streamlining the entire process.

Key Results Achieved

Through Wissen's Azure DevOps & IaC Digital Transformation Accelerator, businesses achieved remarkable outcomes:

One-Click Deployment: Streamlined infrastructure provisioning for any environment, enhancing operational efficiency and agility.

Multi-Cloud Integration: Seamlessly deploy infrastructure as code across Azure, On-Premises, or other cloud platforms, enabling flexibility and scalability.

Automated CI/CD Pipelines: Implemented automated pipelines for infrastructure deployment, ensuring rapid and consistent delivery while reducing manual errors.

Enhanced Security & Compliance: Integrated TF Compliance & Security using Checkov, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and mitigating risks.

Scalability & Disaster Recovery: Built-in scalability and disaster recovery mechanisms within the provisioning process, thereby enhancing resilience and continuity.

Modular Infrastructure: Easily add and manage infrastructure components with a modular Terraform code structure, facilitating scalability and customization.

YAML-Based Deployment Templates: Utilized YAML-based templates triggered via Azure DevOps, simplifying deployment and configuration management.


By embracing Azure DevOps and Infrastructure as Code with Wissen Technology's expertise, businesses transcended traditional infrastructure constraints, achieving unparalleled agility, efficiency, and innovation. This success story exemplifies how organizations can accelerate their digital transformation journey and thrive in the cloud-first era.