Case study : PPMS project portfolio management system


Case Studies


Wissen Team


July 7, 2023


Leading Public Sector company in India.

Business Need:

Application (Web-based/Mobile) development to monitor the progress of the irrigation project.


PPMS (Project Portfolio Management System) is an application hosted on Cloud which supports web and mobile.This applicationis specifically used for the irrigation projects. Using this application, the authoritiescan monitor online the progress of a project starting from survey phase to irrigation potential.The application has been developed in such away that it covers the entire life cycle of aproject. Once the PPMS application is implemented for a project, the authorities can monitor progress of each phase as and when needed. Application is also available for “Mobile App” and it will be helpful for field engineers to monitor the progress.

AWS Service Used:

  • Application hosted on AWS Infrastructure
  • Used ELB’s for load balancer
  • High Availability
  • RDS for data store

AWS service used

  • Enables online monitoring of the project progress, starting from survey phase to irrigation potential.
  • It covers the complete life cycle of the project.
  • Mobile application enables easy access to the field engineers.