Interview Ninja

Interviewing people costs time and resources. Hence one needs to use the right process and make sure the interview allows for selection of the right candidate. Involvement of interviewers from different experiences in the interview process make the evaluation process subjective and overall unstructured. This can lead to hiring bias and often selecting a misfit.

Structured interviews rely on objective inference and not subjective instinct. A set of standardised questions prepared by expert interviewers revolving around the specific job helps tackle the interview bias. The expected or desired answers are determined ahead of time, which allows the interviewer to rate responses as the candidate provides answers. This allows for a fair interview.

Interview ninja is a platform where experts set an interview template which is followed by all the interviewers in the organisation with an easy-to-use interface.

Salient Features

Hassle free evaluation.

Pre-defined question set.

Ask custom questions and provide rating.

Enter optional feedback.

Generate standardised evaluation report.

Typing free experience.

Benefits of using Interview Ninja

  • Standardised evaluation reports for candidates helps expedite decision making.
  • Candidate performance from multiple rounds can be reviewed, shared, and tracked across the platform.
  • Ensures the same quality bar is preserved across multiple interviews for the same skill.
  • Leverages the experience of experts via common question set generation.
  • Employees across the organisation can interview candidates without a compromise in quality or fear of bias.

Interview Process

Administration and Report

Interview Ninja allows for creation and bulk upload of question sets by experts beforehand, identifying the key competency areas for which
evaluation is to be done.