What’s the excitement about quantum machine learning?




Wissen Team


May 28, 2024

Every single day, 2.5 exabytes of data are produced globally. 

Over 3 billion netizens feed mammoth chunks of data banks challenging the processing power of modern PCs. Back in 1965, Moore’s law was propounded for the first time, predicting the transistor numbers or ICs to double at a two-year interval – things were far from being so resilient. 

Fast forward to today, leading companies around the world are lining up to get their hands on the most viable quantum machine possible. That way, there will be access to an exponentially faster machine to address rather complex issues, like breaking encryptions, fast-track the discovery of medications, revolutionizing communications grounds, or boosting Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. 

Take Google for instance. Today, it claims to have achieved quantum supremacy with a 54-qubit Sycamore processor capable of performing a calculation in less than 200 seconds, compared to the finest supercomputer that would take 10,000 years. Now, that’s crucial, because when one is going to process a mammoth amount of data solving complex problems, things are bound to take a significant turn. Hence, it matters the most to interpret all real-world issues using nothing but quantum language. Although Google’s claim was met with criticism, it is indeed a landmark moment when you consider future tech.

Google took to dissect the theory of quantum advantage for machine learning in an open-access study to better establish its applications. The study demonstrated how a fairly complex problem changes with the availability of the right data sets and also gains a competitive edge with quantum algorithms. Furthermore, it also showed ways to develop a practical method to screen for data embeddings, particularly using kernel methods. The insights from the screening process, as well as the learning bounds, thus introduced a novel approach to selected features of a quantum machine. In essence, it helps to justify quantum approaches with insights derived from classical learning in depicting the best possible empirical separation–a significant advantage of quantum computing. 

Let’s take a look at the essence of quantum computing across a range of delightful offerings. 

Having a lead in managing uncertainty 

View this. You have to find your way out of a puzzle or a maze, and you have two options–ask a quantum computer or a modern PC to help you. 

Now, the difference in executing the problem is what sets apart quantum computers. While a traditional PC would consider all routes and rule out every possibility until they get the right one, a quantum machine will consider all possible routes in one go. 

In other words, when it comes to dealing with uncertainty, quantum computers are miles ahead in the game. When you put that perspective into greater things like AI or healthcare, one can only imagine how quantum machines are capable of tackling the most pressing issues ever. 

Welcome to a new era of AI 

Undeniably, AI has impacted our lives like nothing else in comparison. From smartphones to smart homes, education, healthcare, transpiration – you name it, and AI is behind every frame that is making life easy. 

While all that is bliss, AI is still considered to be a nascent tech, especially when it comes to thinking like humans. With Quantum Computing, things might be headed for a delightful turn, making AI systems more robots by imparting in them what one would refer to as “thinking power”. Thus, we are looking at making things more robust and reliable. 

A step ahead in cyber security 

Cybersecurity draws its working principle by factoring a large number into its primes. It is where quantum computers are inherently good, and as they gain more prominence for their usage, things like encryption will soon become a thing of the past. That being said, things can turn really bad if quantum computers fall into the wrong hands, where our data can be used against us in ways unimaginable. 

Accuracy in weather forecast 

Predicting the weather has a lot more to do than just warning you to carry an umbrella anticipating rain for the day. It has a direct impact on a nation’s economy, growth, and overall functionality, especially when you consider food crops. 

With quantum computing in the picture, predicting unfavorable conditions like oncoming natural calamities and disasters can significantly impact other segments like retail trade and transportation. Quantum computers with faster processing speeds are downright more capable to consider all possible outcomes and predict forecasts to plan actions accordingly. It can also save the lives of people who can’t help but deal with the hazardous climate in their line of work. 

A cue to create better life-saving medications

Functional drug research is all about evaluating multiple interactions between proteins, molecules, and other chemicals to ascertain the efficacy of a medical condition. Underpinning the activity are several combinations that require thoughtful consideration and analysis. 

With quantum computing, chemists can be largely benefitted to help discover the most viable drug options. Moreover, it can significantly lower the time of discovery of drugs meted out for a range of personalized treatments. 

A gateway for exciting future tech 

In times to come, quantum computing will form the center of operations for the research and development wing of leading institutions globally. For instance, companies are already spending billions to improve the software found in self-driven vehicles or improve chemical reactions across the field of medication.  

A rewarding future ahead 

Sure, there are enough reasons to be excited about quantum computing. However, it’s too early to witness that kind of technology gaining ground around households, but that won’t deter companies and technologies from exploring their potential with wonder and amazement. 

What’s your take on quantum computing? Do you think it has the potential to shake things around for good? 

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