Let’s Talk About Your Career Growth at Wissen

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Today most organizations are trying to attract the new generations at work with high salaries, long vacation times, great break rooms, and everything cosmetic. However, with an ever-tightening labor market and growing skills shortage, it is indeed time for organizations to re-evaluate what their employees really want. 

At Wissen, we are conscious of the fact that employees will consider staying at a company longer if the company invests in their career development. Today, millennials are the fastest-growing demographic in the workforce. Driven by values and a strong sense of purpose, this generation and many with similar motivations are looking for opportunities that help them develop a career over just having a job. 

For Wissenites, our focus has always been on career development. Here’s a look at how we approach career growth at Wissen.

Make high-end tech your playground

Wissen is a dream company for technologists. A key attraction is the opportunity to work in breakthrough projects. These projects are enterprise systems and often large and complex datasets. We work with some of the top Fortune 100 companies that span banking and financial services, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, and energy. 

Technologies such as RPA, cloud, mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Visualization, and business intelligence, are our playing field, and Agile and DevOps are our playgrounds. 

Driven by a team of highly motivated, talented, and skilled engineers, technicians, and managers, each project provides every individual in the team learning opportunities and opportunities to implement new things. 

Access well-defined career paths 

If a clear, well-defined, and transparent career growth path is what you want, Wissen has it in place. 

We understand that not all technologists want to move into people management roles. Some want to traverse the technologist’s path, working diligently on path-breaking technology solutions. This interest can often become a conundrum as a technologist’s growth story is often intertwined with becoming a people manager.

To solve this conundrum, at Wissen, the career paths are based on our employees’ vision and how they want to grow. 

Continuous learning is key

We know that today’s fast-paced business and technology landscape demands an uncompromising focus on learning, especially as skills and technologies become irrelevant faster. 

True to the meaning of Wissen (Wissen, a German word, translates to: to show, to teach, to inform, to guide & to direct), we ensure that learning is not restricted to training and learning and development initiatives alone. While we do have a robust L&D team that takes care of all the skill and technological level requirements, learning at Wissen also happens on the job.

Each member working in a project, especially the new employees and the younger team members, have a senior technical resource assigned as a guide. The team member can reach out to their guides and educate themselves and learn on areas where they lack experience or expertise while working. Be it project understanding, solving a critical problem, technological queries, these guides help their team members continuously and consistently expand their skill and knowledge levels. 

By working on projects that have real work and deliverable, junior and mid-junior level employees are challenged constantly to expand their skills and technical knowledge repertoire. It helps them strengthen their technological dexterity and solve the client’s problems effectively. It consequently also helps them build their career and knowledge paths organically. 

With domain knowledge, comes technological expertise 

Wissen believes that while it is important to have the right technology, it is equally important to have the right technologist. 

Our team members are strong domain experts with compelling technological expertise. We work on highly complex, mission-critical systems. We implement best-in-class solutions to solve interesting and complex problems. Our domain focus helps our employees become better technologists, one who is willing to take the technology and wrangle it and make it work to suit the client’s business. 

Finally, our employees do not need to chase compensations and rewards. They are related directly to good performance. Promotions too are based on impact and client feedback.  Seniority, here, does not play any role. With compensation packages as one of the best in the industry, our real pride is in being an equal opportunities employer.

A robust and democratic appraisal process that details the KRAs (Key Result Areas) and timely mid-term reviews ensure that our employees can course-correct proactively and deliver their best at work consistently. There are clearly defined pathways for growth and advancement within the company, both onsite and offsite. 

We believe that our success as an organization has been owing to our focus on our employees, our most valuable assets. Their growth, naturally, spells our growth.

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