Innovation as a Service – Here is what it means for us

Innovation as a Service

I spoke about this term ‘Innovation as a Service’ in one of my recent blogs. This term seemed to generate a lot of interest, and I found my inbox quite flooded with messages enquiring more on the subject.

It only made sense to respond through a blog fleshing out what we mean by ‘Innovation as a service’, what it entails, and how we enable it. Let me assure you that this term ‘innovation as a service’ is not yet another buzzword. It is, and has been for a long time, a business offering that has helped us grow from a small, fledgling organization to a strong and flourishing one.

Innovation as a service – What does it mean?

I had earlier spoken about the humble beginnings of our organization. This was a time when India was the established back office of the world. It was low-value software development and implementations where most Indian organizations focused because it seemed that this is where the work was. Rarely, if not never, did we hear of Indian organizations innovating and delivering cutting-edge technology solutions, especially for business-critical, high-value projects.

However, this was the exact perception that we wanted to break. We knew that at Wissen, we had the technical expertise and the domain knowledge to build high-quality, robust, secure software products that could noticeably transform a client’s business. We were not happy being implementers of software. We wanted to become innovators of solutions.

This is when we decided to use our expertise and experience and started working on building cutting-edge technology solutions to solve complex business problems. Instead of being software vendors, we wanted to become technology partners for our clients…partners who would help our clients achieve their business goals.

How do we deliver ‘innovation as a service’?

People, process, and technology – these are the three cogs in the wheel of innovation as service for us.

While this might seem simplistic, let me explain how we enable the amalgamated interactions between these three cogs that established our consultative and innovative caliber.

The people – ace technologists with deep domain expertise

Without the right talent, it is impossible to deliver creative, robust, and strong software solutions.

From the inception of the organization, we have been hyper-focused on hiring the best talent. Our team members consist of hard-core technologists with heavy-duty technical skills complemented with vast domain knowledge. Along with this, our technologists have a business mindset that helps them design solutions with the best technology fit.

Our developers are not just coders awaiting instruction. They are seasoned professionals who code right the first time around. Owing to their immense technical knowledge and domain expertise, they aim to design solutions that drive businesses.

Our A-Teams diligently focus on trusted code delivery. While we have a robust testing process in place, it is the quality of code that makes multiple rounds of testing unnecessary. This also helps us maintain delivery timelines without compromising on the quality and business goals.

All the members of our technology teams have experience working with large, complex, and distributed systems and are extremely conversant with new as well as legacy technology. Industries such as BFSI, telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy have always been at the forefront of technology innovation. Given that this has been our domain of operation, all our technologists have an extensive and exhaustive technical vocabulary to come up with creative solutions.

Our technologists’ enviable domain expertise helps us design solutions and make the right technology choices that help organizations meet their business objectives. The deep domain expertise also ensures that we create coherent strategies that capably stitch technology with business objectives and create solutions that deliver a tangible business impact.

Quite naturally, the desire to offer innovation as a service impacts who we hire and how we hire. All our technologists have to go through a stringent hiring process that demands a balance of technical expertise with domain knowledge and strong business orientation.

This blend of skills in our technologists helps us bridge the gap where developers only understand the technology and not the business. This approach, in turn,  helps us create solutions and solve problems from a business perspective and in a technology-agnostic manner.

Given their expertise, maturity, and understanding, our developers could successfully transition to remote working without any glitches or issues during the COVID pandemic and worked independently  with little help.

Processes – Smart processes that guarantee quality

Our robust and well-designed processes are great enablers of innovation as a service.

With the right processes in place, we have made sure that we hire the best and most capable resources to drive innovation. Our hiring, training, and talent management approaches ensure that all projects are executed in time by highly competent teams.

Our technology experts follow the latest delivery practices to build and deliver scalable, robust, integrated, and highly secure distributed enterprise applications with high throughput and low latency.

Our focus is to drive  high code quality, and for that, all our projects have processes that demand a high-end QA focus. We make sure that we follow the highest coding standards which reduce the time spent on QA and aid a faster go-to-market.

Being process-driven also helps us assist our clients in establishing strong technology strategies and governance models for very large programs by making technology choices that support their business goals. Our skills complemented with our processes help us create comprehensive, front-to-back technology stacks and governance mechanisms that ensure long-term success for the client.

The exhaustive technology vocabulary 

Wissen is a technology company built by technologists. Quite naturally, our focus on technology developments and trends is unwavering, especially considering that we work with some niche industries such as BFSI, energy, telecom, healthcare, and the like.

Given that these industries have been on a digital journey, as software development partners we need to be fluent in modern and legacy technology and consequently, remain adaptable to new technologies as well.

Our objective has been to have such a high level of technical skills and domain expertise that our team becomes an extension of the client’s team. We work with the client, innovate with the client, transform with the client, and enhance with them by using our skills to help them grow.

We are not your average software vendor who are the ‘doers’; the developers and implementers of code. Rather, our robust technical skills complemented with domain knowledge and business-oriented mindset help us build solutions and solution accelerators and come up with platforms and solutions to lead them to business success. With our ability to amalgamate domain expertise with technology expertise, establish the right processes and standards, choose the right talent and code right the first time, we have transformed our consulting service into an ‘innovation service’. Using this service, we have designed, built, and run critical business systems that have helped our clients stay ahead of the curve through business transformation.
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