Here is What Ownership and Commitment Mean to Wissenites

Owing to the demands of the customer and constantly shifting market conditions, nearly every aspect of the modern-day business has been revolutionized. In these changing times, along with improving technological prowess, it becomes imperative to have a high level of ownership and commitment to ensure that opportunities that are prioritized can be executed and the benefits gained. These two factors have to be woven into the very fabric of an organization to achieve business success. 

The importance of ownership and commitment 

Corporate culture is a self-reinforcing web comprising of certain beliefs, practices, behaviors, and patterns that set the tone for the way things are done in an organization. 

Almost all high performing organizations boast of a culture that has ownership and commitment as ingrained values. And rightly so.  

  • Committed employees are passionate about their work 
  • They have a fierce desire to better themselves every day
  • They are committed not only to do their work but to do it well and do it better each day
  • They bring value to the organization through their actions – proactive support, greater awareness for quality, higher productivity levels, and their determination works in favor of their career and the organizational bottom line. 

Commitment builds resilience as it gives people the ability to stick with something even when the initial excitement of the same wears off. 

Most believe that ownership is synonymous with accountability. However, accountability is the act of being responsible for the work and ensuring an expected outcome. Ownership goes a step ahead. 

Employees with the ownership mindset assume responsibility for a target or a result and make it their personal responsibility to ensure successful outcomes. 

We have labored to create a culture of high commitment and ownership that drives how we operate. Here’s a look at what ownership and commitment mean to us Wissenites.

End to end accountability 

Those with a high degree of ownership and commitment have a high degree of accountability towards their work. At Wissen, this translates to every team member taking complete accountability of the success of a project. Each team member has a clearly defined goal and a responsibility towards a project. Everyone knows how their work contributes to the larger picture and project success. However, we make sure that ‘success’ here is not merely defined by completing the task at hand. Success for us is linked to the success of our client. Until the client is happy, our job is not complete.

‘Perfect’ over ‘done’

Many believe the ‘done’ over ‘perfect’ mantra to keep high productivity levels. However, given the high focus on excellence, we are driven to be perfectionists. They focus on not only completing the job but ensure that the outcome is the best – be it in the choice of technology or the design. 

We take nothing for granted and ensure that all choices, actions, and outcomes create a strong and indelible impact on the client. Our objective is not just to get the job done- it is to wow the client, every single time. 

Creativity focus 

We place a heavy focus on creativity and innovation. Ownership and commitment can only happen in an environment that enables the same, and having the right tools are essential to ensure the same.

Our employees have a plethora of tools at their disposal that assist them in their jobs. We encourage people to be creative with the tools available at their disposal to not only do their work but also to come up with innovative solutions for clients. 

Elevated focus on collaboration and transparency 

Success cannot be achieved when working in silos. Diverse teams have become a reality today, and for business success, we need to create an environment that promotes collaboration. Our working environment is one where there is respect irrespective of designation and that teams can communicate and collaborate seamlessly with one another to drive every project to success. 

There is also a high emphasis on transparency, and we aim to provide the same to all the stakeholders involved – both from our side and the client-side. This ensures clear communication between those invested in the project and ensures that the right decisions can be taken promptly.

An elevated focus on integrity ensures that our employees are committed to always doing the right thing – not only for the project they are working on but also for the company. 

The focus on these values drives the ownership and commitment levels of the employees and helps us deliver more and deliver better to our clients – every single time!
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