Empowering the leaders of tomorrow

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The youth we see joining engineering colleges fresh out of school will someday be leaders in the not-so-distant future. It is important that they get a taste of the real world right after college. Wissen realises this.

So, the company hired 22 graduates from top engineering colleges across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore for an intensive 2-month training program on application development. They got trained on technologies such as Java, Spring, Angular, and Databases. The objective of the training was to transform them from fresh college graduates into skilled professionals. The training program trained them to become full-stack developers who can provide solutions to a business problem. They also completed a project as part of the program. The project involved developing a complete working application based on requirements given to them. Senior developers in the firm provided mentoring to them during this project.


“We received full stack training from the very basics up to advanced level and that was excellent,” said Rishi Ghai, one of the participants. “The training was hands-on and we got to develop industry-level applications along with the best practices used in the industry. The training was the perfect transition from campus to corporate life.”

Unlike a college classroom, the training session has the optimum number of participants so that the presenter could concentrate on helping each individual in understanding the key concepts.

Nilesh D, another participant, sums it up beautifully: “The lesser the better. Yes, very few grads successfully pass through the hiring process. Thus, we were few grads in training and thus had the luxury of exclusive time with the trainer. During training, we took a giant leap from basics to advanced and also learnt to code professionally, where the code becomes self-explanatory.”


The youngsters came up with rather triumphant results. They worked on projects such as Smart Interview processing, Service Fulfillment system, Candidate Tracking system and Parking Management system, to name a few.

“Before joining Wissen I only knew how to write simple applications, but after undergoing the training program at Wissen, I am now comfortable building complex and scalable applications and am using what I learned during my training every day in the office,” said Aniruddh Balakka, another participant. “It was a very good learning experience and I highly recommend it.”

“It was an intense classroom training which included learning modern technology such as Java 8, Spring framework, Javascript ES6, Angular 8 etc,” said Jigar Wala, another participant. “The training covered all aspects of full-stack development. The trainer was extremely proficient and capable too.”

The Parking Management system, for example, could be deployed for any client with ‘n’ number of premises. The system the students designed could support premises with multiple combinations of valet services, pass configurations, registered vehicles, multiple pricing configurations and gate configurations to name a few. It also provided Authorized Data Access based upon the role of the user.

Another group of students came up with a Smart Interview processing. tool is to provide an automated solution that allows the interviewer to provide slots so that the HR team can schedule interviews accordingly instead of the HR executive calling each interviewer on phone and assigning a time slot.

A third group of students designed a web-based Candidate Tracking System that could serve as a recruitment and assessment platform with intelligence to auto-detect roles of account based on the login credentials. It also gives user-friendly experience to track the candidate’s profile along with the end-to-end recruitment process from picking a candidate to getting them on board.

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