Case study : Telecom workforce management system


Case Studies


December 1, 2022

Case study : Telecom workforce management system

Business need

A leading global Telecom services firm was facing issues in improving the lead time to task allocation for complex business deliveries. Initial analysis suggested that Task assignment systems and process can be improved to show a efficiency upto 60%. On the system side, backends and middleware layers needed to be upgraded along with the Workflow management system to a higher version. This had to be done in such a way that various data-channels were intact and would work as expected.


Wissen deployed a team of techno-functional experts with extensive industry experience to analyze the business need and come up with an elegant solution. A Enterprise Data Model was created and base objects were identified. Upgrade strategy was based upon these base models. In a logical concurrence – one by one – each model was migrated to the new upgraded system in such a way that the relevance of dependencies, incoming data to the system and outgoing data were clearly structured and studied. We upgraded the system internals to a containerised deployment and assisted the journey till the testing cycles were completed.


Using this new system, delivery managers could easily monitor the task distribution to the field agents and and monitor the status. There was a drastic change in the overall lead time, which led the Telco to a higher Net Promoter Score.