Case study : Portfolio accounting data migration


Case Studies


December 1, 2022

Case study : Portfolio accounting data migration

Business need

Wissen has been engaged by a leading global financial services firm to migrate their Fund Services client data and reporting, from their legacy accounting platform, built on Sybase 12.5 clusters, to a renovated accounting platform, built on distributed DB2.


Wissen deployed their technical and domain experts to analyze the legacy accounting platform and identify the challenges. Some of the issues uncovered were lack of documentation and the difference in the data models between Sybase and DB2. They also observed that historic adhoc data updates were done on the legacy platform, outside of the processing engine. Other issues were that the data processing engine had to be written from scratch. UAT data was also not available. The reporting environment was a mixture of Crystal Reports and other legacy reporting infrastructure. The data size was 6 TB. After thoroughly analyzing the legacy platform, the Wissen team came up with a systematic approach to execute the project. They analyzed the old and the new data models and the processing engine in-depth. They created data migration scripts. They created staging, parallel and pre-prod environments. And they created reconciliations and data consistency checks at the client level.


Successfully migrated accounting and transaction data for fund services clients to a new renovated system