Microservices Antipatterns
Posted by imidas | 04 April 2022

Microservices are today one of the most sought-out after trends in application architecture. As the digital economy booms, studies estimate that the global market for cloud microservices will hit nearly…

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Backend for Frontend
Posted by imidas | 29 December 2021

In the realm of microservices, building applications using backend for frontend is a great way to streamline how data is returned to the frontend. For instance, while building an eCommerce…

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Micro frontends
Posted by imidas | 07 December 2021

The app landscape is getting increasingly competitive, compelling teams to adopt newer, more effective development frameworks and methodologies to create stunning pieces of art.  Micro Frontends is the latest craze…

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Scale with Microservices
Posted by imidas | 22 November 2021

Microservices was once positioned as a strategy to increase responsiveness to changing market demands. Today, microservices have become a mainstay for modern applications and an imperative for all those who…

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Challenges in Implementation of Microservices
Posted by imidas | 26 July 2021

The need to build highly resilient applications has caused microservices adoption to scale new heights. It is estimated that, until 2025, the cloud microservices market will grow at a CAGR…

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