Machine Learning

AI Engineering
Posted by imidas | 25 February 2022

One of the innovations that completely transformed the world was electricity. The next innovation of comparable magnitude that influences the way we live and work is that of AI. AI…

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Edge Machine Learning
Posted by imidas | 04 January 2022

With IoT rising in prominence came the subsequent explosion of smart devices connected to the cloud. However, this surge led to network congestion since networks were not ready to support…

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Quantum Machine Learning
Posted by imidas | 10 October 2021

Every single day, 2.5 exabytes of data are produced globally.  Over 3 billion netizens feed mammoth chunks of data banks challenging the processing power of modern PCs. Back in 1965,…

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Combating Financial Fraud with Machine Learning
Posted by imidas | 29 October 2020

Financial services companies today go to extreme lengths to combat fraud and cyber-attacks on their digital infrastructure. In 2018, the global payment card fraud losses amounted to a staggering USD27.85…

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Synergies During M & A
Posted by imidas | 01 September 2020

In today’s business landscape, organizations need to constantly up their capabilities to meet the growing demands of their customers, expand their market reach, gain competitive advantage, diversify their product portfolio…

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Posted by imidas | 27 April 2020

With every organization today embracing modern technology in some way or another, digital transformation is no longer a buzzword. Today, it has become a way of business, enabling organizations to…

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