Digital Transformation

API Economy
Posted by imidas | 14 June 2022

If you’re driving efforts towards digital transformation but not exploiting the benefits of APIs, you’re wide off the mark! Rapidly changing user expectations, market disruptions, and technology advancements have propelled…

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Cloud Digital Transformation
Posted by imidas | 21 April 2021

The buzz around Cloud never seems to die down. From the time the technology was first introduced, it has unremittingly enabled organizations to enable better efficiencies. While early benefits focused…

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Digital Transformation
Posted by imidas | 15 July 2020

Digital transformation can mean a lot of different things for different industries. For instance, for the manufacturing industry, digitalization might mean embracing systems that improve shop floor throughput. For healthcare,…

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Posted by imidas | 27 April 2020

With every organization today embracing modern technology in some way or another, digital transformation is no longer a buzzword. Today, it has become a way of business, enabling organizations to…

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Posted by imidas | 09 March 2020

If you find your digital transformation efforts not bearing fruit, it might have nothing to do with technology. For all you know, it might have everything to do with a…

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