Cloud Security

Zero Trust Architecture
Posted by imidas | 23 August 2021

Enterprise security has been a top priority for businesses since the last couple of years, and it should be. With cybercrime expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by…

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Encryption best practices
Posted by imidas | 25 June 2021

In the digital era we are living in today, a sizeable amount of enterprise and consumer technology has shifted completely into the cloud. In fact, cloud computing is one of…

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Cloud Security
Posted by imidas | 14 May 2021

The cloud today, candidly speaking, is no longer an option. It is but a necessity to thrive, remain agile and improve competitiveness in a tight global market. When we speak…

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Cloud Security
Posted by imidas | 14 September 2020

One of the most significant drivers of digital transformation over the past decade was the growth of cloud computing.  Gartner predicts that the global public cloud market will be worth…

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