Cloud Computing

Cloud-First Transformation
Posted by imidas | 14 June 2022

It’s the year 2022, and digital transformation is no longer about adopting the latest technologies; it’s about doing so with a cloud-first mindset. With cloud computing offering unmatched benefits to…

Cross-Cloud Strategy
Posted by imidas | 05 April 2022

The Cloud has cemented its place in the enterprise ecosystem as an enabler of business and better organizational outcomes. The spending on Cloud shows no signs of slowing down with…

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Cloud Computing 2022
Posted by imidas | 23 February 2022

The pressure to accelerate enterprise-wide cloud adoption to fuel digital transformation or risk falling behind the competition is triggering the rate of cloud adoption to reach new heights.  Pandemic-imposed disruptions…

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Cloud-Native Applications
Posted by imidas | 29 November 2021

The fast-paced world needs solutions that can solve the dynamic market needs. That’s why enterprises around the world are building cloud-native applications. According to IDC’s predictions, by 2022, 90% of…

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Cloud Migration
Posted by imidas | 25 March 2021

Studies have shown that nearly one third (approximately 32%) of an organization’s annual IT budget will be consumed by cloud services by 2021.  From being an experimental technology in the…

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Cloud Computing Trends 2021
Posted by imidas | 08 December 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic was an eye-opener for several enterprises that realized that years of stagnating policies and outdated business processes can cause the entire business to come to a grinding…

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Cloud Migration Costs
Posted by imidas | 19 November 2020

In the early 2010’s, moving technology infrastructure to the cloud was one of the significant items in an enterprise’s innovation roadmap. Fast forward to 2020, and you no longer see…

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Cloud Security
Posted by imidas | 14 September 2020

One of the most significant drivers of digital transformation over the past decade was the growth of cloud computing.  Gartner predicts that the global public cloud market will be worth…

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Cloud Strategy
Posted by imidas | 30 July 2020

Cloud computing has been there for a long time. However, the rate of adoption has increased over the last six months in the wake of the global pandemic. According to…

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pexels photo 1181354
Posted by imidas | 11 May 2020

The benefits of cloud computing are well-known. It is cost-efficient, flexible, and scalable.  However, there is one thing that poses a challenge in its adoption process. It is called vendor…

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Posted by imidas | 10 April 2020

Financial services companies have never had it easy: they have always had to comply with an array of strict regulatory requirements and government mandates. Meeting customer expectations has always been…

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Posted by imidas | 19 March 2020

For financial companies who are struggling to deliver new applications at speed, getting on board with the cloud revolution is a great way to keep pace with evolving consumer demands. …

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