Cloud Adoption

Cloud-Based Application Development
Posted by imidas | 30 August 2021

Navigating the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is a tricky affair for enterprises. As consumers took to digital services in large volumes, businesses could not afford to…

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Cloud Costs
Posted by imidas | 25 August 2021

Back in 2017 AWS admitted that about 37% of cloud spending goes to waste. Following this, in 2020 Gartner estimated that the public cloud market would grow to $257.9 billion…

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Cloud Security
Posted by imidas | 14 May 2021

The cloud today, candidly speaking, is no longer an option. It is but a necessity to thrive, remain agile and improve competitiveness in a tight global market. When we speak…

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Cloud Digital Transformation
Posted by imidas | 21 April 2021

The buzz around Cloud never seems to die down. From the time the technology was first introduced, it has unremittingly enabled organizations to enable better efficiencies. While early benefits focused…

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Cloud Migration
Posted by imidas | 25 September 2020

As businesses across the world look to transform themselves digitally, migrating to the cloud is one of the first steps under consideration. Cloud not only offers anytime, anywhere access to…

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Cloud Security
Posted by imidas | 14 September 2020

One of the most significant drivers of digital transformation over the past decade was the growth of cloud computing.  Gartner predicts that the global public cloud market will be worth…

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