Healthcare Insurance

With over 10 years’ experience in the Healthcare industry, Wissen gives a competitive edge in understanding this domain. Health-Insurance Too many risks are involved in today’s health care system, it is indeed an unfortunate reality; pressure on profitability, income, liquidity and ballooning debt burden – to name a few. After working with leading global insurers, we have broadened our understanding of this market and deepened our capabilities with the development of sophisticated care management solutions and services that will enable health care systems to accept risk and dominate mature markets that have accepted managed care, capitation, and direct contracting. As their technology providers, we can help them adopt new processes, rules and practices in a closely networked Information and Communication Technology (ICT) environment, resulting in economy of scale, cost reduction and sustained productivity levels.

In the changing scenario, Wissen continues to adopt new technology, platform migration and analytics to improve operational effectiveness. Wissen’s key areas of expertise in Healthcare Insurance are:

  • Claims processing
  • Rate quote & Buy online
  • Provider Services
  • Underwriting
  • ICD 10 code migrations
  • Disease management
  • Eligibility & Claims status
  • Opportunity management
  • Online plan migration
  • Member Services