Technical Support

We ensure smooth operations with zero tolerance for business disruptionTechnical Support1

Wissen has over 14 years of expertise in providing Technical Support to a cross-section of businesses operating in various infrastructure environments. We believe that a strong Help Desk mechanism is the key to setting-up a responsive Technical Support system. We ensure this through our process-orientation and fall-back on years of past experience in servicing clients in different industries. We have evolved and rigorously follow a set of best practices with all our clients, regardless of the size of their operations.

At Wissen, we believe that Technical Support is not a routine maintenance service. It’s a critical function, essential to the survival of a business. Certain issues require prompt action and that’s what we guarantee through this service. The way, we design and implement our Technical Support service for each client, it guarantees longevity for your IT infrastructure and protects your assets for years to come, even with regular wear and tear.

Our Business Approach

At Wissen no issue is too big or too small for our tech experts. We attend to it as soon as it arises. That’s how we have established the lowest wait time and the highest resolution rate in the industry. Our portfolio of proven, scalable technology services solutions are able to deliver preventive, pro-active support, whether self-initiated, Wissen-assisted or Wissen-delivered. Eventually, our support services are customized to your specific business requirements.

Our Process

Our powerful suite of automation technologies empowers both end-users and our help desk. So whether you want to build your technology services from scratch, augment your legacy, or transform your call center from a cost center into a profit-making unit or integrate service desk efficiencies across business units, Wissen has solutions to match all these differentiated business needs. In the end, we make sure that our tech support division:

  • Leave you free to focus on your core business activities
  • Raises your levels of productivity across the organization
  • Troubleshoots all major to minor issues on a 24×7 platform
  • Offer you a wide berth of choice from branded to white-label solutions
  • Offer solutions that are flexible and scalable
  • Preserve and built-upon your legacy assets and
  • Guarantee complete security of your sensitive data

Our Tech Support Team

Wissen’s Technical Support Team is very proactive in Profiling, Predicting and Recommending interventions on critical aspects of your business. Our support team has domain experts on board with unmatched technical and customer service experience.

Our Solutions

Wissen offers both off-the-shelf and proprietary solutions. Our solutions are extensive but cost-effective. We understand that a Small and Medium Enterprises(SME)’s needs are different from a startup with small amount of IT infrastructure. We recognize that not every company has the time or in-house capability to devote to PC installations, network setups and mobile technology developments. Therefore, we will be too willing to dispatch our teams on-site for troubleshooting and software upgrades.

Our SME Service

Whether your need for tech support is short or long term, we bring proficiency, creativity, and the highest level of customer service to the table for all our clients, regardless of their position or size in the industry. Our SME services include:

  • 24/7 support
  • Multi-channel support, i.e. voice, email, chat and web-based support
  • Private-labeled service

This third is an interesting offering, wherein you can pledge our tech support to your existing or new clients, under your company banner.

Key areas where we offer Technical Support

  • Network & Security Management
  • Database Administration & Management
  • Application & Incident Management
  • Configuration Management
  • 24 x 7 Application Support
  • Web Administration & Management
  • Tools Administration and Management