IT Asset Management

“We will ensure that you efficiently manage your IT inventory throughout the lifecycle of each asset.”IT-Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is an important aspect of an organization’s system strategy. It entails gathering detailed hardware and software inventory information and using it to make critical business decisions about hardware and software purchases and redistribution between various departments/office locations of the client. IT inventory management helps organizations manage their systems more efficiently, and saves time and money in unnecessary asset purchases, while making optimal use of the existing resources.

As traditional desktop infrastructure evolves to incorporate new paradigms, such as virtualization, the complexity of the IT environment continues to grow. This creates new management challenges, as organizations continue to discover, monitor, maintain, and administer the new mix of physical and virtual technologies, while discharging the daily operational tasks of both.

CA IT Client Manager

The widespread proliferation of client devices has resulted in significant complexity in the way IT manages its assets. Bogged down by manual tasks associated with daily operational processes and the resolution of issues, the IT department often struggles to provide high-quality, efficient services for devices that drive competitive value to the business. A single, unified solution can provide fully-automated features that can assist you in streamlining the processes of:

  • Maintaining and tracking hardware and software inventory
  • Managing updates and patches
  • Configuring and migrating machines
  • Providing security and support for remote systems and devices

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