Application Packaging

With the best of the class packaging engineers, we have one of the most effective packaging teams at WissenApplication-Packaging

Application Packaging is an innovative cloud solution that provides smart packaging, testing and documentation for a piece of software.

This service includes:

  • Full automation of routine operations
      • Package batch processing with nearly no user interaction
      • Packaging through the web interface
      • Automated source packages installation

Wissen provides professional services in application packaging and virtualization. With the best of the class packaging engineers, we have one of the most effective packaging teams at Wissen.

Our key services include:

  • Application Packaging and Virtualization
  • Software Engineering and Testing
  • IT and Network Operations

At Wissen, we have a clearly laid-down process for every Application Packaging Requirement that includes but is not limited to:Application Packaging Process

  • Receiving the source
  • Testing the source and creating package request form (PRF)
  • Taking the App-DNA reports and remediate the applications as per the report
  • Creating application packaging ( MSI\MST)
  • Testing the applications
  • Deploying the applications to client environment
  • Sequencing for the applications using APP-v, Xen-APP, Thin-APP

Key Benefits of Wissen’s Application Packaging Service include:

  • Complete automation, batch processing with nearly no user interaction. It frees up a lot of human effort and time spent on packaging! Uploads a bulk of source software installations at once and gets them all packaged on email notification
  • Centralized control and management Control the progress; manage packaging projects and applications via web dashboard, and even connect to virtual OS to manually install apps.
  • Application packaging can be deployed privately Application packaging can be deployed as a standalone solution in your enterprise environment or integrated with your existing ticketing and deployment systems.

Application Packaging’s Role in Windows 7 Migration

You would need application packaging when you are migrating to a new OS, such as Windows 7. Many organizations follow the standard practice to use Install shield Professional Edition as a key tool for their past migrations to new Microsoft platforms, including Windows® 2000, XP, and Vista®. Packaging provides one of the most immediate returns on investment during such migrations as it stabilizes client endpoints, thereby reducing end-user downtime and minimizing help-desk headaches.

The specific benefits include:

  • Reliable deployments
  • Standardized desktop configurations
  • Faster software roll-outs
  • Easier migrations to new operating systems

In addition, a few distinct advantages for the clients are:

  • The service can be accessed from anywhere
  • It reduces application packaging efforts by up to 30%
  • With this service, it becomes easy to handle high packaging workload peaks