QA & Testing

Our QA Team forms a vital link between software developers and end customers QA

Software Quality Assurance Services have gained considerable significance in the recent times of outsourcing and off shoring and more often than not the software will be developed and integrated by multiple third party software vendors and one needs to be absolutely certain of the quality of deliveries made by the third-party vendors. Since retro-fixing can be costly, the support of a strong QUALITY ASSURANCE and SOFTWARE TESTING service is absolutely essential to vet the final quality of any software product comprising pieces of code developed by multiple agencies.

Wissen Infotech understands the dynamic nature of the current software QA requirements and has a strong suite of services under this head, ranging from verification of client requirements to validation of installation scripts, design documents and other committed deliverables, besides testing the software under various foreseen and unforeseen user conditions. Our QA team checks the functionality, load, stress, volume, regression and performance profiling of every piece of software that rolls out of our stable as a part of our QA Services.

We have an independent team of QA Engineers, who are periodically trained and re-trained for the rigor, process-orientation and complex tool usage that this service demands.

Over the past years, we have gathered a rich, repository of experience with a variety of testing and defect-tracking tools including but not limited to:

  • Requirements Management: Test Director, Quality center, ALM
  • Test Planning: Test Director, Quality Center, ALM
  • Automation: QTP
  • Load/Stress: Load Runner
  • Reporting: Quality center, ALM
  • Bug Tracking: Bugzilla or Quality center, ALM
  • Version Control: PVCS & CVS
  • Request Management: IT

Our software product engineering experience gives us an in-depth understanding of a slew of automated unit testing tools such as QTP, JUnit , selenium and ‘Testcomplete’. Besides, we are also extremely proficient with the use of configuration management and building tools such as CVS, ANT and Cruise Control, to cite a few.