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The opportunity with mobility for enterprises is not limited to getting corporate e-mail delivered to your handset. Mobility provides ready connectivity with your customers, partners and suppliers; it empowers your employees; and enables you to retrieve and work on your files from anywhere and at any time.

Mobility gives strategic advantage to a business. It creates competitive differentiation. Mobility is a transformative force that impacts business models, service delivery models and revenue systems, nay, entire industries. That is why mobile services need to be designed across an organization’s life cycle, from defining and developing the right technology solution to deploying, operating and maintaining it; from enhancing end-to-end user experience; to integrating it as a business critical back-end system. Finally, it impacts everything – middleware, data models, security, servers, businesses and user communities. Everything has to be seamlessly connected and delivered to a multi-device user.

Mobile Application Development

At Wissen, we transform your business with state-of-the-art mobile apps tailored for specific user groups – workforce, customers or business associates. They way we design them, our mobile apps will enable you to unlock the full potential of your enterprise data, accelerate key business processes, speed decision-making, be more productive; and engage with consumers at every touch point.

In addition, our mobile apps are designed to deliver

  • Efficiencies across business processes
  • Provide apps designed for key user communities
  • Speed intelligent decision-making and response with mobile analytics
  • Empower employees and lead to greater productivity
  • Win, retain, and entice customers with engaging apps

With the huge popularity of smart phones across the world, mobile applications have become imperative for any business. The Wissen team can design the most creative and affordable mobile applications customized for your business needs to catapult your business to a whole new level.

Enterprise Mobility

If you want to quickly address the needs of your customers, employees or business partners in an increasingly mobile environment, you need the latest suite of cutting-edge mobile technologies from Wissen in order to:

  • Stay relevant to the people you do business with daily
  • Reach across to new customers from your mobile device
  • Accelerate and improve your core business processes
  • Maximize employee productivity and reduce service costs

Unwire your employees, customers, and partners with proven, high-performing mobile solutions from Wissen. We can provide you with a complete suite of mobile software to mobilize your entire organization. And, because each of our mobile solutions is smartly integrated to your existing hardware, you can start with what you need now and gradually scale up as you begin to reap the rewards of your mobile strategy.

The Wissen team can provide:

  • A single, unified mobile platform for all your employee, consumer, and business associates
  • Reduce costs by using pre-built mobile apps
  • Give you access to real-time data with Wissen’s analytic apps

Mobile Application Development

Wissen Infotech works on Android SDK. We were amongst the first to use it when it was launched. The built-in features of the Android SDK provide immense flexibility and opportunity to develop diverse smart mobile apps not just for technology companies but also individual entrepreneurs in various industries (e.g. automobile, pharmaceuticals, media, entertainment etc.).

Wissen Infotech has dedicated Android application developers who have several years of experience in custom-building apps Android for global clients. We have expertise in creating android application / mobile applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices. Some of our core Android applications include e-mail client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, contacts and others, written using Java programming language. Our extensive use of Android programming software, tools and knowledge has positioned us as a leading Android programmer in India and abroad.

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