Analytics & Information Management

We can unlock the true value of your information assetsAnalysis

Marketers across the world have begun to see huge potential in making sense of consumer demographics. Data analytics is indispensable not just for accurate targeting but also customization of a product/service to match a customer’s exact requirement in this age of personalization.

Vast amounts of data is being created every day on how billions of people are consuming and using computers, smart phones, tablets, and other personal artifacts. Companies are now capturing trillions of bytes of information about their customers, suppliers, and operations in order to get a better sense of where their next business opportunity lies. The sheer magnitude of the numbers around big data is breathtaking. This poses opportunities as well as challenges before businesses – on how to make sense of this voluminous data?

“Businesses cite the inability to automate structured and unstructured data quickly and effectively among their biggest challenges, with 60% noting that big data projects typically take at least 18 months to complete,” according to market research agency, Gigya in their report Making Sense of Consumer Data.

This is where Wissen can be of help to you.

What do we do?

We will process and analyze your multi-source, structured and unstructured data and give you market insights that can have a strong impact on your business. This will help you make more informed, data-driven business decisions.

According to a recent KPMG study while 99% of businesses consider data analytics to be important to their organizations, 85% are still struggling to accurately analyze their existing data. This is because most businesses are looking in the wrong direction by focusing on the wrong data. They just don’t know what data to collect.

Eighty percent of the world’s data is unstructured, and most businesses don’t even attempt to use this data to their advantage. Imagine if you could afford to keep, process and make sense of all the data generated by your business? Imagine if you had tools to analyze that data?

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