SAP Fiori

Develop fully custom applications based on the SAP Fiori UX paradigm

SAP Fiori is the user experience (UX) software of choice for SAP applications. It represents a set of completely personalized, responsive and extremely simple applications. SAP Fiori’s design allows it to be implemented across devices and in various deployment options.

SAP Fiori provides a plethora of applications included at no extra cost with your standard SAP ERP or CRM licenses based access.

We at Wissen have expertise in implementing standard Fiori applications and also developing fully custom applications based on the SAP Fiori UX paradigm. We offer end to end technical implementation and upgrade services along with support for SAP Fiori applications.

At one of our most recent clients, who is a large oil and gas conglomerate, we renewed the UX for all their approval scenarios which not only includes SAP workflow and BPM approval scenarios, but also non-SAP workflows. Users now have a one-stop application for all their approval needs. All this was done in record implementation time while ensuring zero production downtime and functional integrity with the applications previously used by the users.