Wissen has partnered with and Salesforce eco-system partner Vlocity, to help us stay updated with the latest technologies as well as innovations in the domain. We have implementations carried out in sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, commerce cloud, community cloud, lightning transformation, CPQ and Order Management across various industries like Telecom, Health Insurance, Retail, Banking and many more. We have strong expertise in Salesforce and Vlocity domain with certified developers. If you are looking to start your process from the scratch or to migrate your business process from legacy systems to Salesforce CRM then you are at the right place.


We help organizations modernize their technology and build digital experiences on the industry-leading foundation
of the Salesforce platform.

Transformation Focus

  • Focusing on what it truly means for your business to go fully digital
  • Start with your most pressing needs first
  • Deliver transformation in strategic application
  • Enable increased adoption, and supporting a realistic evolution of your Digital Strategy.

Drive Productivity Gains

  • Enable organizations to run leaner and faster by leveraging the best of Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Streamline operations and drive productivity gains with a strategic Salesforce solutions.
  • Focus on effective and highly-responsive digital experiences starting with sales, onboarding, or support.


We make your Salesforce platform more powerful by connecting it with other systems. Our team works with you to build a custom fit custom fir strategic, cost-effective Salesforce integrations with other applications to drive connected digital experiences for your customers.

  • Custom Integration services using Restful APIs and also with various other third party tools. Expertise in integrating Salesforce applications to other enterprise applications such as ERP and custom applications.
  • Expertise in fixing the compatibility issues of cloud services with your systems and ensure that real time data is available across all segments

Salesforce Integration Consulting

Our team has years of experience architecting integrations for clients, from out of the box connectors to complex real-time integrations for enterprise solutions

  • Our Salesforce consultants, business analysts, and developers work together to bridge systems securely and effectively in a structured, organized way. This prepares your team to drive differentiated digital experiences for your customers.

Salesforce Integration Architecture

  • From connecting internal databases and Salesforce to harnessing API functionality, we bring to life real-time, user-friendly access to enterprise ERP data.
  • Our solutions can help your operations team by making data from Salesforce to flow into your fulfillment systems.
  • For data integrations, we use tools such as REST, SOAP web services, ETLs, and more. We can develop either real-time or batch-oriented integrations.


Roadmap, develop, and deploy a new Salesforce solution for your organization quickly and effectively without sacrificing quality or business needs.

Salesforce CPQ

Automate the Configure Price Quote functions for your sales teams. Generate complicated price quotes quickly and with fewer errors.

CSR Knowledge Base

Enable your CSRs to deliver consistent and exemplary support by launching a comprehensive knowledge base. Minimize knowledge silos and empower your front line CSRs

Salesforce Service Cloud

Automating standard communications and processes. Build a high-quality system that not only serves your customers but also automates basic processes while capturing data.

Salesforce Communities

Deliver differentiated customer experiences, create a partner sales channel, drive engagement with employees, and
more by building a branded collaborative space using Salesforce Community Cloud.

Custom Development

  • Extensive experience in Salesforce app development, ensuring quick turn around time and help our clients with cost reduction.
  • Usage of Agile software development methodology in order to give our clients a quick turnaround time for product delivery.
  • Team of Certified Salesforce Solution Architects and Consultants to develop applications at Enterprise level.
  • Development services include UI development, Apex programming, Testing and App Support.
  • Help clients deploy their applications within their ORGs or on App exchange.


Equipped with a cross domain team of highly effective SMEs, technologists and specialists, our tailored solutions are aimed at maximizing out of the box capabilities, while providing industry-specific customer and employee experiences.

SFDC Delivery COE Strategy

  • Establishing an operating model and frameworks for enterprise standards & tools and for faster, smarter decision making.
  • Standardized CRM processes to increase efficiency, reduce duplication, and drive consistent CRM Enablement experiences.
  • Led design and development processes that promoted re-usability of solutions/components for future functionality.
  • Provide thought leadership for Proof of Concepts (POC) deployed on ecosystem.
  • Leverage and Enforce existing Technology governance policies and standards for Data, Integrations, Identity, Information Security, & Reporting.
  • Maximize investment, avoid license duplication

Environment and Solution Strategy

  • Align Leadership and Corporate strategies
  • Create a Salesforce governance strategy

Manage a Salesforce backlog and enhancing Salesforce environment including:

  • System integration
  • Custom development
  • Declarative configuration
  • Data management and data integration
  • System and administrative services
  • Report and dashboard development

Implementation Services

  • Planning and developing a system strategy, implementation or migration to Lightning
  • Optimize Data Models, rules and processes to mirror existing workflows.
  • Creating dashboards and reports and integrating with existing reporting applications
  • Integrating Salesforce with legacy systems
  • Training your users and encouraging adoption


Salesforce DX provides you with an integrated, end-to-end lifecycle designed for high-performance agile development. We can export metadata, define data import files, and easily specify the edition, features, and configuration options of your development, staging, and production environments.

Salesforce DX defines an entirely new way to manage and develop Salesforce apps across their entire lifecycle to enable new levels of agility.


SFDC Delivery COE Strategy

  • Salesforce is powered by data.
  • We’ll make sure you’re properly documenting integrations, validation, MDM, and storage review — and that you have the right backup policies in place.

Ongoing enhancements

  • You’ve implemented a process that has evolved, your Salesforce org should too.
  • We can manage your backlog refinement, streamline business processes, and oversee continuous delivery so you can provide more transparency to leadership and beyond.

Salesforce optimization

  • You’ve had Salesforce for a few years and you have technical debt, unused functionality, and numerous missed opportunities.
  • Let us help you merge new functionality with old to harmonize your business processes.

Integration updates and support

  • Don’t wait for updates when real-time synchronization is at your fingertips.
  • We can help with integration monitoring, troubleshooting, custom API integrations, and more.

Development operations

  • Drive productivity and eliminate overhead with Salesforce devops best practices.
  • Our Salesforce devops maturity model guides you through the stages of crawl, walk, and run in support of your entire Org.

Analytics, reports and dashboards

  • Get a bird’s eye-view of your business with the click of a button.
  • You’ll gain access to reports and dashboards custom-built for your business to show you the metrics that really matter.

Training and change management

  • Our team has the passion to drive your users into adoption. After putting in the work to make your Salesforce right for your company, we can make sure you are getting the most out of it. Get an adoption analysis to find your current state and receive user adoption and change management training to empower your users.


Project Specialties

  • Retail B2C and B2B CRM and customer experience solutions
  • Portal workflows, communities and digital experience solutions

Solutions Specialties

  • Lightning Conversions and Integrations
  • Enterprise level APEX architecture and Implementations
  • Managed DevOps Solutions, DX
  • Salesforce/Vlocity Support

Top Differentiators

  • Vlocity Silver Consulting Partner with experience across Retail, CRO, Health Care, Financial & Tech
  • Expertise in Managed Solutions and Digital Transformation
  • US based Client Engagement and Delivery leadership

Customer Snapshot

  • Enabling E2E Modern Digital experiences for B2C and B2B customers
  • Enterprise Development customers
  • Managed Services customers

Platform Specialties

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • CI / CD
  • Mulesoft
  • Heroku
  • Einstein Analytics


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