You can help a friend and yourself by participating in Wissen’s Employee Referral Program. By referring the right fit, who eventually gets hired in USA, you can earn a cash award of $500 per candidate! Regularly check the openings posted on the company website to avail this cash benefit.

How do I refer an external applicant?

Obtain the Employee Referral Form from the Office Manager. Fill it out.  You can refer any number of eligible applicants. This applies to regular and causal and temp employees. However you cannot refer a candidate who has already applied to Wissen within the last twelve months.

The applicants you refer must have this form attached to their resumes or applications that they submit to the Office Manager.

How do I claim my cash award?

Wissen will pay you a cash award of $500 (minus regular tax deductions) if the person you referred is hired for a designated position and completes one year of continuous employment. You must be employed by Wissen at that time of payment collection.

If you have any further questions about Wissen’s Employee Referral Program, please contact our office at +1-262-510-2900 or email your questions to

Wissen reserves the right to determine whether or not your referred applicants are qualified for the positions covered under the program. If a referred applicant is hired for a non-designated position, no award shall be paid. Wissen can modify or discontinue this program at any time, without notification. Should the program be discontinued; any in-process referral will be handled on individual merit basis only.

In the event an applicant is referred by more than one source, for instance, two or more employees refer the same candidate; the employee who makes the first referral will win the award. The Office Manager will inform the participating parties when such a situation arises.

For the employment in India, the details of the opportunities for which referrals are sought from the employees will be circulated from time to time.

Upendra Rachupally