Business Need

Our client, a multinational Clinical Research Organization (CRO) company with presence in 80 countries, employing nearly 15000 across globe,  had the following business need:

  • Customer Support department wanted to automate tickets in the remedy force for granting access to the different research studies which are requested by the users
  • Manual steps/actions were used by the customer support team to give access to the studies by logging to the respective applications
  • Approximately 80 to 100 requests are made on a daily basis


  • Robot gets the tickets related to study access
  • It captures the data from the tickets details and validate according to the business needs and enter into the required application to grant user access
  • Robot is programmed to follow exact steps as with the customer support representatives and automatically route exceptions if any


  • Adoption of processes to the RPA solution leads to the optimum utilization as opposed to complete process re-engineering
  • It is essential to understand the limitations of the RPA and have a strong exception handling system in place
  • Speed of processing may be dependent on external server latencies. Hence the entire RPA process chain needs to be optimized for best utilization