Mine Unstructured Data with AI

Risk mitigation in cloud

One of Wissen’s fortune 500 clients (Pharma and healthcare services sector) made a maiden endeavor to move one of its marketing applications to cloud. The integration of the sales interaction with the practitioners was built on SaaS model with a cloud solution provider. Unfortunately, in about 6 months the customer realized a threat of either the SaaS provider going out of business or a potential takeover by competitor.

The risk for the customer was very high with the data being in the provider’s hands with all likelihood of finding its way to the competitor.

Wissen was engaged to design a solution to retrofit a cloud based application and database to on-premise infrastructure.
The solution required requirements gathering, analysis, design and testing of application and the database using collaboration and communication tools like public telephony, VOIP, Adobe Connect, etc.

The solution helped the customer to mitigate the risk of losing data and Intellectual Property associated with sales and marketing line of business.