Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a policy document that sits passively on our Partners’ desk. We follow the agenda in letter and spirit at every available opportunity. .

Caring About Our Communities
We take great pride in how our organization demonstrates its commitment to the communities we live and work in. On numerous occasions, the staff and management of Wissen has risen to the need of the hour and contributed in cash and kind to Relief Funds.

Contribution to CM Relief Fund
Cyclone Hudhud has wreaked havoc in coastal Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, in October 2014. The Management and employees of Wissen have contributed to the CM Relief Fund of Andhra Pradesh, to support the relief activities.

Excellence in Everything We Do
Wissen aims at excellence by maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our interactions with our customers, vendors, suppliers and within the communities where we do business.

Holding Ourselves Accountable
As the members of the IT & ITES Industry Association of AP – CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Forum, Wissen volunteers in educating the local society on the importance of sustainable development. We are striving to change our work practices (through reducing, reusing and recycling) and contribute constructively and meaningfully to the conservation of our natural resources and cultural heritage.

Whether it is volunteering, donating to charities, or adhering to ethical business practices, Wissen encourages its employees to think about creative ways to giving back to the community we are a part of. On numerous occasions, Wissen employees have participated in health camps organized on Women’s Day, World Health Day, to cite a few.