Posted by imidas | 29 July 2022

In the initial days of software development, programmers did not have the extravagance of sophisticated version control systems. Instead, they relied on labor-intensive, expensive, and inefficient processes to keep a…

API-first Approach to Developmen
Posted by imidas | 28 July 2022

With the rise of cloud computing, it is no surprise to find organizations building processes around microservices and continuous delivery. In a cloud-based environment, the “traditional” code-first approach toward application…

Cloud-Agnostic Strategies
Posted by imidas | 20 July 2022

The buzz around digital transformation has caused cloud adoption to touch new heights. The public cloud market is expected to reach $947.3 billion by 2026.  As organizations look to adopt…

Multi-Model Database
Posted by imidas | 11 July 2022

Modern applications rely on humongous amounts of diverse data from sensors, processes, interactions, etc., to operate efficiently. But unless this data is appropriately managed, there is no way these applications…

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Containerization of Legacy Applications
Posted by imidas | 30 June 2022

Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. That is an approach that many adopt towards legacy applications. However, given the accelerating pace of technological change, widespread adoption of technologies such…

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Serverless Vs. Containers
Posted by imidas | 30 June 2022

With the ongoing transition towards cloud-based application development, the debate between Serverless and Containerization is becoming polarized. Has Serverless emerged as the better alternative to Containerization, or can both be…

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Serverless DevOps
Posted by imidas | 17 June 2022

What is the future of the DevOps approach in the age of Serverless technology? Will DevOps remain as relevant as before once the Serverless architecture matures? As the global cloud…

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API Economy
Posted by imidas | 14 June 2022

If you’re driving efforts towards digital transformation but not exploiting the benefits of APIs, you’re wide off the mark! Rapidly changing user expectations, market disruptions, and technology advancements have propelled…

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Cloud-First Transformation
Posted by imidas | 14 June 2022

It’s the year 2022, and digital transformation is no longer about adopting the latest technologies; it’s about doing so with a cloud-first mindset. With cloud computing offering unmatched benefits to…

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Zero-Touch Deployment
Posted by imidas | 02 June 2022

Today’s business environment demands organizations to roll out products, updates, and upgrades faster to stay ahead of the competition. Development teams are expected to accelerate agility and deliver solutions fast…

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Posted by imidas | 02 June 2022

The days when product development took years are long gone. Today, in the era of cloud and massive digitalization, development has to be extremely quick. As businesses are expected to…

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Cross-Cloud Strategy
Posted by imidas | 05 April 2022

The Cloud has cemented its place in the enterprise ecosystem as an enabler of business and better organizational outcomes. The spending on Cloud shows no signs of slowing down with…

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