Posted by wissenadmin wissenadmin | 14 January 2022

Microservices and digital transformation are spoken in the same breath today. Microservices play a significant role in building applications. It enables developers to add or update new features in the…

Posted by wissenadmin wissenadmin | 14 January 2022

A 17% YoY increase in data breaches was recorded by Identity Theft Resource Center in 2021. Almost 100 million victims in Q3 were, in one way or the other, affected by cloud…

Service Mesh Architecture
Posted by imidas | 13 January 2022

Microservices are now everywhere and have taken the software development landscape by storm. In a recently concluded survey, 28% of the respondents revealed that they had been employing microservices for…

Edge Machine Learning
Posted by imidas | 04 January 2022

With IoT rising in prominence came the subsequent explosion of smart devices connected to the cloud. However, this surge led to network congestion since networks were not ready to support…

Backend for Frontend
Posted by imidas | 29 December 2021

In the realm of microservices, building applications using backend for frontend is a great way to streamline how data is returned to the frontend. For instance, while building an eCommerce…

Micro frontends
Posted by imidas | 07 December 2021

The app landscape is getting increasingly competitive, compelling teams to adopt newer, more effective development frameworks and methodologies to create stunning pieces of art.  Micro Frontends is the latest craze…

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Reactive Architecture
Posted by imidas | 03 December 2021

Enterprises have been building cloud-native applications as they are scalable, easy to use, and offer the required performance. However, to build cloud-native applications, enterprises cannot use legacy tools or follow…

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Cloud-Native Applications
Posted by imidas | 29 November 2021

The fast-paced world needs solutions that can solve the dynamic market needs. That’s why enterprises around the world are building cloud-native applications. According to IDC’s predictions, by 2022, 90% of…

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Scale with Microservices
Posted by imidas | 22 November 2021

Microservices was once positioned as a strategy to increase responsiveness to changing market demands. Today, microservices have become a mainstay for modern applications and an imperative for all those who…

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Micro Frontend
Posted by imidas | 03 November 2021

The micro frontend approach is one of the hottest trends in enterprise application development today. For beginners, the simplest way to understand this new methodology is – Consider splitting a…

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Wissen Technology
Posted by imidas | 28 October 2021

The US-based specialised technology services provider Wissen Technology has further expanded its presence in India by setting up a new Centre of Excellence in Bangalore to cater to its BFSI…

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Get to MVP Quickly
Posted by imidas | 12 October 2021

In today’s development landscape the concept of an MVP has gained a firm foothold. It is a common practice, especially because of the focus on continuous improvement and consistent growth…

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