Working For Wissen

Wissen is driven by a team of highly motivated, disciplined and talented group of engineers, technicians and managers who are committed to fueling growth with cutting-edge technology for every client we work with.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our employees and make sure that they are provided with an exciting, challenging, rewarding and enriching work environment to contribute to, and grow professionally.

We love our jobs – work, play and arguments, give high-fives, make mistakes, apologize, philosophize, share… all in a day’s work!

What we don’t do is make excuses!

We learn from our mistakes, we don’t justify them.

We welcome and promote diversity of ideas, thoughts, perspectives and worldview. We also respect team work and a collaborative work culture.

We are actively on the hunt for people who:

  • Are ready to take every challenge that is thrown their way and strive to ensure customer satisfaction – every time they work on a project
  • Work as a collaborative, cohesive team, where the members complement each others’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Are willing to believe, focus and walk that extra mile on faith

If these are the values that you share with us, come and be a part of our team.


Clients are our first priority

Wissen is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity.

We value the business that our clients bring us and are committed to give them a service that can quickly catapult them into the next level of strategic growth.


Opportunities galore to learn and grow

Wissen is a flat organization, where there are equal opportunities for everyone’s growth. At Wissen, there is no proprietorship over ideas. Our culture of innovation supports ideation and technology transfer, and knowledge flow from and between every department.

We take immense pride in providing opportunities for all employees to learn, develop and work with the world’s top Fortune 500 companies.


People don’t go redundant, skills do

The German root word Wissen, translated into English means : to show, to teach, to inform, to guide & to direct. Those are the kind of opportunities we provide to our employees – we show them a definite path to growth, both at personal and organizational levels.

We give plenty of re-skilling opportunities to our employees to ensure that their core competencies remain current and relevant to their career growth.


Compensation and rewards for the deserving and laudable

At Wissen, employees don’t have to chase compensation and reward – they follow good performance. We have a very robust and democratic performance appraisal system with detailed discussion of KRAs (Key Result Areas), mid-terms reviews and clear pathways for growth and advancement within the company – both onsite and offsite.

Our compensation structure is one among the best in the industry and we take immense pride in being an equal opportunity employer.



  • Competitive Benefits & Retirement Benefits
  • Medical benefits for self and family
  • Recognition for value added to Wissen /Client
  • Quarterly Newsletter – Stay connected
  • Birthday Emails – Our current & past Consultants.
  • Appreciation events – consultant breakfasts, family cookouts, etc.
  • New Opportunity – Internal Vs External Hire


  • Rigorous selection process
  • Focus on technical skill and ability to solve problems
  • Multiple technology experience valued
  • Extensive background check before onboarding

Career Planning

  • Guidance on Career Planning
  • Technical and Managerial streams of growth defined
  • Promotions based on impact and client feedback, not seniority
  • Mandatory Training as part of individual contribution
  • Support for Certifications – Certification fees reimbursed