Working for Wissen

1. Wissen ValuesWorking-with-Wissen

Clients are our first priority

Wissen is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity.

We value the business that our clients bring us and are committed to give them a service that can quickly catapult them into the next level of strategic growth.

2. Working Environment 

Opportunities galore to learn and grow

Wissen is a flat organization, where there are equal opportunities for everyone’s growth. At Wissen, there is no proprietorship over ideas. Our culture of innovation supports ideation and technology transfer, and knowledge flow from and between every department.

We take immense pride in providing opportunities for all employees to learn, develop and work with the world’s top Fortune 500 companies.

3. Growth Prospects

People don’t go redundant, skills do

The German root word Wissen, translated into English means : to show, to teach, to inform, to guide & to direct. Those are the kind of opportunities we provide to our employees – we show them a definite path to growth, both at personal and organizational levels.

We give plenty of re-skilling opportunities to our employees to ensure that their core competencies remain current and relevant to their career growth.

4. Compensation and rewards

Compensation and rewards for the deserving and laudable

At Wissen, employees don’t have to chase compensation and reward – they follow good performance. We have a very robust and democratic performance appraisal system with detailed discussion of KRAs (Key Result Areas), mid-terms reviews and clear pathways for growth and advancement within the company – both onsite and offsite.

Our compensation structure is one among the best in the industry and we take immense pride in being an equal opportunity employer.