Case study : Telecom pre sales engine


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December 1, 2022

Case study : Telecom pre sales engine

Business need

A giant telco was keen to develop an indigenous and comprehensive solution that shall act as a single tool for all their global service delivery teams worldwide.
This work earlier was carried out over 24 different systems based on the geography, area of expertise and types of customers. If a customer demands to see the latest status of a placed order account managers would take lot of time to collate it from different systems and provide it in a bespoke format.


Wissen deployed a team of techno-functional experts with telco experience and technology expertise to analyze the business need and come up with an elegant solution.

A data aggregation layer was designed with plug-ins and hooks across the participating data sources to canonicalize a unified model for Orders and corresponding journey of the order progression.

Backend data was cached over ELK customised for this purpose and backed by a angularJS UI with high-end visualization libraries.

The solution was a deployed as a self healing application; containerized and hyper-customizable to suit the need of territorial business and the prerequisites of teams to enable them work more efficiently.


Telco achieved a FTE saving of 100 people, customer status was instantaneous and accurate. The Gold-mine of data created helped in providing rich actionable insights.

24 different backend systems were eased with the additional load of status provisioning, reports and other computing intensive data operations.

The entire service delivery team being on a single system could now seamlessly and effectively communicate. This new system was a harbinger to the employee engagement goals and the feeling of one big collective wider team that works together across the world.