Case study : Mobile app replacing handheld device


Case Studies


December 1, 2022

Case study : Mobile app replacing handheld device

Business need

A leading retail company chose Wissen as their mobility partner to build an application that should simplify the time-consuming process of tracking the required items in their stores.


  • Barcode scanning technology has been used in developing the app
  • The device that contains the Stock Take app will be connected to the barcode scanner
  • Once connected, the stock counting can be carried out in scanning the items in the racks.
  • As the stock counting process is underway, the scanned or captured data populates simultaneously in the Stock Take app
  • The stock status can be viewed clicking the Reports feature in the app


  • Scalable to multiple devices during the peak season without any additional capital expenditure
  • Easier stock counting
  • Instant availability of updated information
  • Access to information including last sold items and Current SOH (Stock on Hand)