Case study : Effective monitoring and maintenance of public amenities


Case Studies


Wissen Team


April 28, 2023

Business need

One civic body of a state government in India made huge efforts and investment to maintain cleanliness in traditional manner for a long time. However, it did yield no sustained result. Given this, they have contacted Wissen to find a solution.


  • To begin with, Wissen had several rounds of in-depth discussions with the civic body’s staff to understand the ground realities.
  • Developed a combination of mobile app and web application
  • Citizens can lodge complaints on a non-functioning public amenity by capturing its photograph and sending it to the civic body through mobile app
  • Admin can prioritize the complaints depending on their severity and then allocate them to the corresponding staff using web application
  • Dashboard in the web application provides the authorities access to view the status of the assigned complaints
  • Using the mobile, the citizens can check the status of their complaints


  • Streamlined civic body activities
  • Well maintained public amenities
  • Increased accountability of staff