Case study : Do-it-yourself app for the patients to capture vitals


Case Studies


Wissen Team


April 28, 2023

Business need

As part of visiting the doctor, patients have no other go but to travel despite the severity of their ailments. They need to wait patiently in the hospital until their turn comes up. They need to bear the travelling expenses. Needless to say, all these result in a lot of discomfort to the patients.


  • Developed an app which integrates medical devices such as BP machine, thermometer, pedometer, weight scale and pulse oximeter etc. through Bluetooth
  • When the app is on and the patient checks his/her BP, weight, or temperature, the data will be received from the respective device and will be transmitted to the central server
  • From the central server, as and when required, the doctor can access this stored data and assess the patient’s condition


  • No need to visit hospital for basic health assessment
  • No waiting in the hospital
  • No travelling expenses
  • Time saving
  • Any time monitoring by doctor