Case study : Digitizing the quality control checksheets


Case Studies


Wissen Team


April 28, 2023

Business need

A global specialist in energy management and automation wanted to digitize their quality control environment in order to ensure the complete  quality of their products and lessening the turnaround time.


  • Developed an application covering the  entire  Quality Check spectrum  in the  production unit
  • Provision in the application  to  check the  completed  work checking  against the  checklist
  • Provision in the application to take a snap of the  malfunctioning part  and send it to the  sub assembly division
  • Ability to view the failed Checkpoints in the checklist


  • Complete digitization of Quality Control
  • Substantial increase in quality
  • Substantial increase  in time savings
  • Dashboard for analysis of the failed Checkpoints for different products/users