Case study : Data migration to AWS cloud


Case Studies


Wissen Team


April 28, 2023

Business need

General Electric Health Care is adopting AWS technologies and building Data & Analytics platform on AWS cloud. There was a huge amount of data residing in on-prem environment which had to be migrated into cloud environment and bigger challenge was to migrate the data within tight timelines.

Environment Details:
Dataset size:  ~150TB
No of Objects:  ~1500 DB objects & ~65000 S3 objects
Target Data store: S3 & Redshift

Duration: – 4 Months

Solution & approach

Leveraging AWS native tools (Spark On EMR) and loaded the data S3 and then loaded the data to Redshift.


Wissen provided the solution and successfully migrated the data into cloud on time without any delay and thus providing huge cost benefit to the client.